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Best quality hair extensions can be made only with unprocessed Indian hair combined with professionally skilled expert and proper infrastructure.


We want to empower all men women to look and feel more confident with their looks through our wide variety of premium-quality hair extensions.

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We offer the free consultation "You are the centre of everything we do and we dedicated ourselves to being there for you, all the time."

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THE STORY OF Excellent Wig Center

Incepted in the year 2004, Excellent Hair & Skin Care Centre is one of the noticeable companies highly instrumental in providing services such as Hair Weaving Services, Hair Microwefting Services, Hair Bonding Services, Hair Transplant Services, Hair Extensions Services, Natural Looking Fashion Wigs Services, Hair Replacement Services and Hair Weaving Bonding Services. These services are imparted beneath the direction of dexterous executives at our client’s end to retain their consistency and superiority at the destination of our clients. To add, these services are extensively valued and commended due to their exactness, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. 

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To empower you with love, confidence, and dream-worthy hair, turning your aspirations into stunning realities.

Hair Patch

The hair patches is considered one of the most effective solutions.The best part of the process is that there is no surgery,no drugs,involved. Indeed, one of the quickest solutions to the problem of hair loss and baldness is hair patch.

Hair Bonding

nowadays there are so many people whom they concerned for their hairs. Planet of Hair Cloning is the best clinic for all kind of hair problems and they have the facilities and top-notch quality of hairs in single sitting

Hair Weaving

Hair Weaving as an alternative to your non-surgical hair transformation preference. Hair weaving involves a four-step process: fusion, pasting, hair bonding, and netting. You can choose any kind of Hair as you want.

Hair Clipping

The hair clipping procedure considers being the best way to manage your hair patches yourself. It is a detachable technique that you can remove and put back on as you wish. It is a unique way to hide your baldness and give volume to your hair. It is used when you need to wear your hair system for a few hours.

Hair Fully Taping

To deal with the problem of baldness there are different types of tapes available through which we do a complete taping of the hair patch or wig. Tapes are available in a variety of strengths that let you precisely control the duration of the hold.Tapes are available in a variety of strengths

Hair Microwefting

Microwefting is a non-surgical procedure in which one can get natural-looking hair. It is a complete external technology. This procedure is a painless, quick and safe treatment that involves mixing a human hair unit with your existing hair. You can get the extra length of your hair as per your wish without any pain or damage to your existing hair.
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We believe that everyone deserves the hair of their dreams.It’s about more than just your appearance—it’s about self-esteem,relationships, career, and the ability to live an active life.
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Why Excellent Wig Center

Why Clients Believe In us

Excellent Hair Wigs & Extensions provides luxury hair enhancements that inspire confidence and empower you to look and feel your very best.


Quality from start to finish!-Best quality hair extensions can be made only with unprocessed Indian hair combined with professionally skilled workers and proper infrastructure.


We have always looked for ways to improve our products and services. We fancy ourselves pioneers in the industry, so we try to stay with the latest trends and new human hair technology.

Perfectly fit

We want to empower all men & women to look and feel more confident with their looks through our wide variety of premium-quality hair wig which is for everyone.


The important advantage that you gain when going for non-surgical hair replacement systems is it is easy and cheaper than all other processes.

60 Min. Process

It's a totally non-invasive procedure, not involving any surgery whatsoever, most importantly it's virtually undetectable. So all thing done in 60 Min

Low Maintenance

Non-surgical hair replacement systems are super easy to maintain, Wash & blow dry hair every day. No tangling, no slippage at all.

Our Products

Make a difference in the life of an individual with a need

We believe that everyone deserves the hair of their dreams. It’s about more than just your appearance—it’s about self-esteem, relationships, career, and the ability to live an active life.

Are you worried

Despite good academics and a fantastic career, You are not getting any response on the matrimonial site

Whether it is a date, an interview, or a meeting, we never get a 2nd chance to make the 1st impression. Our hair plays an important role in creating a perception. Perceptions that can make or mar us.


60 Miniute Procedure to get back confidence

When a person loses his hair, he loses a part of his identity. When we restore the hair, we rekindle hope and happiness.

Step 1

Consultations with our expert

Consult with our expert, they will help you to get proper guideness and costing for the service, maintances, kind of hair etc.

Step 2

Customize the Service

Our Hair expert will make customize hair wig, Patch or extnsion as per your hair line and face shape.


Ready to go

Our procedure is done is 60 min. with the proper fit and hair cut as you wish. You will get all guidence about maintenance of hair wig


We Love Stupid Questions. Here few

The cost of a quality hair patch ranges between Rs.2000-Rs.50,000 in Pune. The cost of a hair patch depends on the quality of hair and lace used in making the patch and the size of bald area where the patch is to be applied. Essentially, a hair patch is economical as compared to other options available to cure baldness. 

 The life cycle of a hair patch is 6-12 months based on quality and requires replacement after that period. Better is the quality of the hair patch more natural is the overall outlook of the personality.

Specialists fix the patch of hair with the assistance of restorative glue or clips. The glue and clips are very safe and do not have any kind of reaction or side effect on the skin or scalp. This kind of corrective treatment for hair is incredibly sheltered and does not take a lot of time.

Indeed, a good hair patch that is well placed on the area looks completely natural and adds to the personality. If set properly, it looks so natural that no one can identify that you are wearing a hair patch.

Yes, you can, but not more than twice a week. We recommend using only sulfate-free shampoo. It is also advised to use conditioner along with shampoo as it’s gentle to the hair system and helps maintain the color and softness of hair.

Yes, definitely. You will very quickly adjust to sleeping at night with your hair on. We recommend you use silk/satin pillowcases to lessen friction. It can extend the duration of your hair and prevent breakage.


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